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Locis et Imaginibus

These 4 Films were shot on Ilford 3200 Black and White still 35mm film. The film was developed and scanned by Artful Dodgers in London. Okura, Tropen and Barbican were edited together to be moving image by Agnes Su (Taiwan and Dresden), and Tim Webb (London) edited Sha Tin. Barbican was written by Rita Kalnejais (London) and voice over performed by Haley Carmichael (London). Okura was written and performed by Kaori Momoi, (Tokyo). Tropen was written and performed by Aimée Zito Lema, (Buenos Aires and Amsterdam). Sha Tin was written by Enoch Cheng (Hong Kong), voice over by Lai Yuk Ching (Hong Kong) and starring Yvette Tang (Hong Kong / Paris) and friends. Dylan Ebrahimian (Shanghai / Beijing / New York) created the sound scapes for all four films.




Sha Tin

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