A Prayer to Mnemosyne

The project investigates a form of epigenetics of how collectors and collections are valuable in understanding ourselves by learning how and why we put things together in particular patterns. Constellations are formed, and these star systems allow a certain inheritance of consciousness from ancestor to descendant. This work responds to the Indonesian collection at the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam.

Batik textiles (Cotton from Yogykarta, Cirebon, Solo, Java, Indonesia.)

Geringsing (Cotton with hand dyes, Tenganan, Bali, Indonesia.)

DNA Helix Threads (Cotton threads of a “Cello Gerinsing” and wire, Tenganan, Bali, Indonesia / Haarlem, Netherlands.)

Ikat Textiles (Cotton, Natural Dyes, Rindi, Sumba, Indonesia / Tilberg, Netherlands.)

Wayang Video. The work was shot by the great cinematographer Ghasem Ebrahimian and then edited by Tim Webb. The work was written and performed by the deceased legendary Indonesian shadow puppeteer Slamet Gundono.